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5 Ways To Maintain Motivation to Exercise

As the weather starts to get warmer I’m sure many of us are eager to get outside and be active. Consistency with working out is where many of us can run into problems, but regular exercise doesn’t need to be difficult to maintain. We have a few tips to share with you in order to stay motivated and keep exercise fun.

1: Join a group

Having people that depend on you to show up to workout with them will help you feel obligated to get up and moving. Exercising with other people also makes the experience more fun and enjoyable. In a group setting you can motivate each other to work hard and accomplish your goals together

2: Vary your routine

Variety is key to staying consistent with a training plan. Engaging in a variety of activities to stay fit, or even switching up which exercises you do at the gym each day will help with maintaining motivation to exercise. Varying your routine will serve to make your workouts enjoyable so that you are excited to get out the door

3: Choose something you enjoy

Try to find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing. It will be a lot easier to commit to something that brings you personal satisfaction, so that it becomes a hobby rather than a chore. Try out different activities to find what you enjoy most.

4: Set a goal

Having a clear goal in mind such as competing in an upcoming race will help you remain focused on the reason why you are training. Whether your goal is to perform well at an event or to lose weight, having one is what counts.

5: Reward yourself

Make sure that you reward yourself from time to time for staying on track with your training. You can also use things that you enjoy such as music while you are exercising to make your workout something you look forward to.

I encourage you to try incorporating some of these tips into your exercise routine, and you will likely see better results. Stay positive and believe in yourself along the way, and consistency will come.

Written by Fiona Brown, Chiropractic Technical Assistant

Fiona joined our team in September 2017. She is a co-op student from the University of British Columbia studying Kinesiology. She hopes to inspire patients at the clinic to adopt values of health and wellness. She is a track athlete specializing in the 800m. She enjoys outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and skiing.


Gary5 Ways To Maintain Motivation to Exercise

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