Accelerated Aging: a FREE e-Book on Anti-Aging

“The beginning of the disease process
begins with postural distortions.”

– Dr Hans Selye, Nobel Laureate


Do you have to be old to feel old? Accelerated Aging, by Keith Wassung, unpacks the myth that aging occurs only with time. He discusses why your genetics don’t dictate your health, and introduces a new way of thinking about how you age.

In this text, the author applies the scientific principles of chiropractic to what we know about the aging process. Many of these involve understanding how the different types of stress—physical, chemical, and emotional—affect our body’s physiology!

The body is constantly analyzing what is happening within the body and what is happening in the environment outside the body and makes adaptive changes as necessary. Aging can best be defined as the gradual loss of the body’s ability to respond to the environment.

When our physiology becomes affected, that our quality of life decreases. Learning how we can minimize and offset the amount of stress on our bodies as early as possible can make a huge difference. Add years to your life, and life to your years!

Find out more about how you can age gracefully and maximize your lifetime spent in good health

As part of our Anti-Aging theme, we are offering this free E-book on aging and disease prevention to all of our patients. We want you to have access to the latest knowledge so you can get started on the path to wellness as soon as possible.

Not currently a patient? That’s okay! You can still discover how to increase your quality of life as you get older. For a limited time, this e-book is offered compliments of Dr. Gary Barone, of NewPort Village Chiropractic. Our goal is to make our beautiful community the healthiest in Canada.

Download your free Accelerated Aging e-Book here.

Courtney ChanAccelerated Aging: a FREE e-Book on Anti-Aging
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