Pure: The Purification Workshop

Every once and a while, pressing the “reset” button in life can be healthy. A purification or cleanse is a great way to jumpstart good health within your body and get your systems back to running in tip top shape. Read on to learn about who should cleanse, the benefits and the secret powers purification holds!

Whether you want a one-day cleanse, or a daily purification ritual, we have strategies that can be tailored just for you.

Each day we have a series of choices to make in regards to how we operate, what we do and what we eat. Scientists have found that we make over 1,000 decisions each day! Some of these decisions are in regards to what we choose to fuel our body with for meals and snacks (Cornell Researchers have estimated around 226!*). Are you making healthy choices?

A deep cleanse for 1-10 days can help you reset your body, clear your mind, and enliven your spirit.   We are going to let you in on how to change your habits to keep your body cleansed throughout the year via purification of your daily routines.

There aren’t any secret potions or magic formulas.  We aren’t selling you a “purification kit” (although we could if you want).  We are giving you the undeniable truths about what makes your body work, how it cleanses, what it is cleansing, and three ways (of varying intensity) to stimulate the body to enhance purification.

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GaryPure: The Purification Workshop
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Healthy Holidays


We are holding a special webinar that will revamp your mental and physical state of health this holiday season!

Dr. Barone discusses 5 powerful healthy codes to abide by this holiday season to keep every part of you feeling healthy and vibrant.

NewPort Village Chiropractic wants to make sure it continuously challenges members of this community to proactively make healthy choices daily, not just with our nutrition – but with our sense of community caring and giving – and there is no better time to bring this to the forefront than the holiday season.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them on our Facebook page where we have a special thread just for this presentation at www.facebook.com/nvchiro.


7:00 S.P.U.D. (Fruit, Veg, Meat, Grocery, Delivered)  ($20 code: CRVAN-BARGAR)

9:00 The Environmental Working Group

9:45 The Gluten Summit

12:40 Dr. Barone’s Nutrition Shop and Online Health Assessment

16:00  iThlete Heart Rate Variability (HRV) App

18:30  Pranayama Universal Breathing App

21:30 All I Want for Christmas (Coat and Toy Drive) Get a free consultation for a friend



GaryHealthy Holidays
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