Reasons to Get Adjusted

Why chiropractic helps

Why is it that chiropractic works so well in removing common breastfeeding stumbling blocks? Nicole Piazza Lederman, an ICPA-certified chiropractor practicing in Waterloo, Ontario, and former associate professor at Parker University’s College of Chiropractic, explains it this way:

Chiropractic helps for several reasons. First, in the newborn or preemie, the baby may have a weak suck reflex due to interference in the nervous system, especially at the level of the upper cervical spine. This can be caused by immaturity in the nervous system, in the case of the preemie, or by subluxation of the joints in the upper cervical spine due to birth trauma. Even in “good” hospital births, the head and neck are usually “managed” as the baby exits the birth canal and when the shoulders are delivered. This often results in some pulling and stretching of the tissues and joints in the neck. This birth trauma can cause a sprain/strain injury to the joints of the neck in addition to a subluxation complex.

Breastfeeding problems can also be caused by different cranial faults or slight misalignments in the cranial bones. This can again be due to the management of the head as the baby exits the birth canal. This can also be caused by the position of the baby in utero as well as prolonged or protracted labors. These babies will go to the breast and feed for a minute or two, but are fussy and come off the breast as they cannot get a good latch.

Most often I find that these babies have misalignment in the temporal mandibular joint as well as having an inferior palate on the same side as the TMJ subluxation. After correcting this complex, you can test the sucking reflex by placing a finger in the baby’s mouth. The sucking reflex becomes better coordinated and much stronger. Moms are so relieved and grateful to be able to breastfeed their babies. 

Mothers and chiropractors aren’t the only ones who recognize the powerful, positive role that chiropractic can have on the nursing relationship.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are also beginning to take note. Mellanie Sheppard, an IBCLC in the Fort Worth, Texas, area, says this, echoing many of Dr. Lederman’s thoughts.

A long, difficult birth, a very fast birth, or a cesarean birth may create tightness or tension in the neck, jaw or shoulders, which in turn can create some dysfunctional sucking patterns. A dysfunctional suck can cause breastfeeding to be inefficient for baby and can create pain for mom. Chiropractic care can relieve this tightness and tension and result in better breastfeeding with less pain. When a lesson on how to latch just isn’t enough to make breastfeeding work, chiropractic care makes sense in correcting the deeper physiological causes of nursing difficulty. Helping the body function properly through a chiropractic adjustment does so much more than alleviate back pain.

Why Chiropractic Helps -Sarah Clark, Pathways Issue 46
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Compliments of ICPA member Dr. Gary Barone

Courtney ChanWhy chiropractic helps
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I’m Too Hot! I’m Too Cold! I’m Just Right!

This title sounds like something out of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” doesn’t it? Remember how Goldilocks found three bowls of porridge? She tasted the porridge from the first bowl and said, “This porridge is too hot!” Then she tasted the porridge from the second bowl and said, “This porridge is too cold!” Then she tasted the last bowl of porridge and said, “Ahhh, this porridge is just right,” and she ate it all up.

Maybe you hear similar kinds of things when you’re at home with your family. Maybe your dad likes the temperature at your house, but your mom is always freezing. Or maybe you are just right but your brother is roasting hot. Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating way our bodies control our internal temperature and see why this is so.

Keeping your temperature steady

It’s amazing when you think about it. Human beings are warm blooded. That means our biggest source of heat is within us and we create that heat by our own natural body processes. Some animals, like snakes and lizards and insects, are cold blooded and their body temperature is the same as their environment. Can you imagine being 35° degrees in January and 95° in July? Yikes!

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about that. Because you’re warm-blooded, your body maintains a fairly constant temperature no matter what the temperature is outside or in your house. This miracle is accomplished by a small structure at the base of your brain called the hypothalamus. It monitors the temperature of the blood flowing through your body and triggers changes in the diameter of your blood vessels as necessary to heat you up or cool you down. If your internal temperature gets too high—maybe because it is very hot or you are exercising hard or you have a fever—then the blood vessels expand to increase the amount of blood flowing near the surface of your skin so the heat can escape. That is why your face gets red when you exercise hard.

On the other hand, if your internal temperature decreases—because it’s very cold outside or you jumped into a cold swimming pool—the hypothalamus directs the blood vessels to shrink to reduce the blood flow to the surface to help your body conserve heat.

This action combined with muscle contractions, which actually produce heat (known to you as shivering), keep your internal temperature about the same even on a cold winter’s day.

How does your body know what to do?

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? But it isn’t! Your body can do all of this because it talks to itself using your nervous system. Your brain and your body are connected by your nervous system. The better your brain and body are connected, the better your whole body works, including your ability to control your internal temperature.

Sometimes, the bones of your spine will misalign and interfere with the communication between your brain and your body. Then things might not work as well as they should or could. Your chiropractor will check your spine for these (called vertebral subluxations) and reconnect you whenever necessary so you can be the best warm blooded creature you were meant to be.

– Judy Nutz Campanale, DC, ACP, FCSC

Compliments of ICPA member: Gary Barone DC
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Courtney ChanI’m Too Hot! I’m Too Cold! I’m Just Right!
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You’re a Genius

Raise Your Hand if You’re a Genius

Did your hand go up? It certainly should have!!! You ARE a genius. Yes, YOU!!! You are a GENIUS!!! You don’t believe me? Well let me prove it to you!!!

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Maybe an egg or some cereal or a piece of toast? Maybe you had a super good for you breakfast with vegetables and protein. Or maybe you had a not-so-good for you breakfast with a lot of sugar and junk. Either way, your body right now is taking whatever you put into it and turning it into the building blocks of your body. It’s making heart tissue and lung tissue and muscle tissue.

Isn’t that amazing!?! Whatever you ate this morning is being transformed into YOU. From an egg Mcmuffin into eyeball tissue. From CooCoo for Cocoa puffs into stomach tissue. From a bagel and cream cheese into blood cells. From orange juice into… orange you glad I’m not going to go on forever with these!?!

All kidding aside, that’s how smart your body is. Now that doesn’t mean you can just eat a bunch of junk. The better the food you eat, the better your body can work. But the truth is your body is SO smart, it will try to make good stuff out of whatever you put in it and it does that all the time without you ever even thinking about it. If that isn’t genius I don’t know what is!!!

Your stomach produces acid, known as hydrochloric acid, up to 2.5 quarts a day!!! The acid’s job is to break down the food you eat. Most noteworthy, the amazing thing about this stomach acid is that it so strong that one drop of it on your skin would leave a painful blister, yet it doesn’t harm the inside of your stomach at all.


Your body can do all of this because it talks to itself using your nerve system. Your brain talks to your stomach and your digestive system and it breaks down the food you eat, then keeps the good stuff and gets rid of the rest. The better your brain and nerve system can talk to your parts, the better your digestion is.

Sometimes, the bones of your spine can misalign because of things you do every day. Those misalignments can distort the communication between your brain and your body parts. Therefore things might not work as well as they should or could. Your chiropractor will check your spine for these (called vertebral subluxations) and restore the communication whenever necessary so you can be the Genius you were meant to be.


Dr. Judy Campanale has been honored and recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the coveted FSCO Chiropractor of the Year in 1999. She was President of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO) the first woman to hold the president’s position in any national or international chiropractic organization. Dr. Judy currently serves on the IFCO Board of Directors and Executive Committee. She also owns and practices at the Strauss Chiropractic Center in Levittown, PA, one of the longest-standing, high-volume, cash practices in the world.


Compliments of ICPA member: Dr. Gary Barone

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Infertility Resolved by Chiropractic Care

Infertility Facts:

Approximately 6 million couples struggle with infertility in the United States. Infertility is the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy for an entire term after one year of unprotected intercourse. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common form of infertility where ovaries do not release an egg during the menstrual cycle. So this affects 6.6% of reproductive-aged women. The medical options for treatment involve the use of hormone therapy, artificial fertilization and surgical intervention. Each carry high costs and are not without concerning health risks to the mother and baby.

Patient and Diagnoses:

This study involved the case report for a 30 year old female with ulcerative colitis (ulcers of the colon and rectum) and neck pain that started behind her neck and went all the way down to her middle back. The patient had a history of three motor vehicle accidents which she thought was the cause of her neck pain.

The patient reported that she was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2004 and PCOS in 2005 during the initial consultation,. In 2008, she had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and was prescribed Lialda by her doctor.

At the time the patient was trying to get pregnant. The obstetrician told her that both of her ovaries were “covered with cysts” by an ultrasound.

Conventional Medicine Treatment Options:

Therefore, the obstetrician presented her with the following course of treatment:

a) begin taking fertility drugs (injected hormones)

b) initiate in vitro fertilization (manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish, and then transferring the embryo to the uterus)

c) undergo “ovarian drilling surgery” (a surgical procedure with general anesthesia where the ovaries are punctured.)

Chiropractic Treatment:

Upon examination by the doctor of chiropractic it was determined that the patient had a forward head posture, high right shoulder, and high right hip. A leg length analysis concluded that the patient’s left leg was ½ inch shorter when lying face down and ¼ inch shorter when lying face up. The chiropractor found tight and tender muscles on the entire left side of the patient’s neck with restricted range of motion in her neck.

The doctor of chiropractic identified spinal misalignments in the patient’s neck, middle back, and sacrum. The patient began chiropractic care and her neck, middle back, and sacrum were adjusted using high velocity, low amplitude thrusts to restore the motion in those joints and function to the nervous system.


She was seen 45 times over a ten month period. After the first adjustment, she reported that her neck was a little sore on the left side; she still had a headache, while experiencing a “flare up” of her ulcerative colitis.

At her 8th visit, the patient rated her headaches and neck pain a 0/10. Throughout the rest of the patient’s care, her headaches and neck pain continued to range from 0 to 1 out of 10.

At the patient’s 14th visit, the patient rated her ulcerative colitis a 0/10. At her final reassessment, she rated 0/10 for all three complaints. The patient continued chiropractic care on an on-going, wellness plan.

Thus at this time the patient and her husband started monitoring her ovulation again. They discovered she was ovulating again (after 8 years) and decided to try to get pregnant. She reported that after their first attempt at conception she became pregnant. At 40 weeks gestation, the patient gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

In conclusion, to provide women with safer and effective options in health and well-being, more research on chiropractic care, infertility and PCOS is warranted


Kent Metzger, Dana.  “Resolution of Infertility in a Patient with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, and Ulcerative Colitis Following Subluxation-Based Chiropractic Care: A Case Study & Review of Literature.”  Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, & Family Health.  2016.4 (2016): 68-74. Print.   


Compliments of ICPA member Dr. Gary Barone

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Get Your Finger Out of Your Nose!!

Who knows how long it has been since Mom’s have been telling their children to stop picking their nose!?! It has probably been since the dawn of time!! Right!?! And why not, everyone knows boogers are gross, don’t they!?!

What makes boogers disgusting is mostly what they are made of. Boogers are formed in large part by mucus, that’s the sticky, slimy stuff that’s made inside your nose and lungs. (You probably just call it snot… YUK!!!) Get this, your nose and sinuses make about a quart (liter) of snot every day!!!! Disgusting!!! Why!?! Why!?! Why would our bodies that are so very smart make so much really disgusting stuff!?!

Well, it may be slimy, but mucus is also really important!!! First of all it keeps the lining of your nose moist which makes it difficult for bacteria to set up shop and grow and make you sick. It also warms up the air you breathe which is nice for your lungs. The other important thing it does is traps pesky bacteria, dust, dirt, pollen and other nasty things in the air you breathe and keeps them from ever getting to your lungs where they could cause big trouble. Particles like these get trapped in the mucus and then get wrapped up in the tiny hairs in your nose where they dry out and form a booger.

Boogers can be squishy and slimy or dry and crusty, depending on how long they have been hanging around in your nose drying out. Either way of course they are really gross! However, everyone gets them and they are a sure sign that your body is working the way that it should, keeping all of that pesky bacteria and dirt from getting into your lungs.

How does your body know how to do that? Well, you have an intelligence within you that you are born with. We all do.

And that wisdom not only creates our bodies but keeps it working in organized fashion for our whole lives. It uses your nerve system to communicate and coordinate.

Chiropractors check to make sure that your inborn wisdom is expressed as fully as possible. They do that by making sure that the bones of your spine aren’t disrupting the function of your nerve system. The clearer your nerve system, the better the communication and the better you can be the amazing person you were meant to be!!!

So even though they are super gross, you can probably consider boogers the guardians of your lungs! And for the record your mom is right. Because they can be loaded with pesky bacteria, the best way to get rid of them is by blowing your nose, not picking!!! So get your finger out of your nose!!! That’s just gross!!!

– Judy Campanale, DC, ACP, FCSC (hon)

Parents: check out the research here: 


Compliments of ICPA member:  Dr. Gary Barone

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Adjustments Help the Body Heal Itself

When we feel symptoms and show signs of illness, it’s common to reach for relief in the form of medication or some other “outside-in” approach. We have been conditioned by a culture, immersed in advertising, that makes us unconsciously reach for a magic potion, giving us the artificial confidence to weather life’s little storms.  Unfortunately we don’t have this kind of daily reminder to receive our chiropractic adjustments; this is despite the fact that adjustments are proven to improve our immune function.

We all know our bodies are designed to self-regulate and self-repair. It’s easy to forget that a Band-Aid or even stitches don’t heal a cut–the body does the healing! It’s an inside job. The same happens with antibiotics; they are used to interfere with the bacteria so the body can get an upper hand on its own immune response. Again, an inside story! Our natural immunity and recovery “reserve” are under the control of the central nervous system. These brain-body connections regulate every health function without us ever having to consciously make a decision to digest, repair, breathe, or beat our hearts. It’s because of these perfect connections that we can live well for our entire lives, if we understand and manage nerve interference.

It’s easy to forget that a Band-Aid or even stitches don’t heal a cut–the body does the healing! It’s an inside job.

Did you know?

“Subluxations” are nerve interference patterns that are found within the spinal core. The body naturally protects itself when it becomes overloaded with stress by tightening muscles and locking spinal movements. When a chiropractor scans your nervous system and spine, they are searching for these patterns of nerve tension along with muscle and joint changes. These sophisticated scans detect even the tiniest changes, alerting your doctor to areas of subluxation that he can correct with adjustments.

Get checked…and adjusted. Chiropractic adjustments are the smart and healthy choice.

People will lead a longer, healthier and happier life with a fully charged and perfectly balanced nervous system.

Chiropractic adds years to your life and life to your years!

GaryAdjustments Help the Body Heal Itself
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The World Tells the Story!

By Dr. Chad Hawk

The Real Value of a Chiropractic Adjustment

I am a huge advocate for a fair exchange of value for service. Unfortunately, I fail at this several times a year. My teams and I provide tens of thousands of adjustments a year on mission trips. All we give are adjustments and a few thousand dollars for clean water wells, toilets, feeding children, and education. The scales of justice show that we are lacking. It is not fair! We are shown love and gratitude beyond anything we could comprehend. The starving boy without a home offers us his only earthly possession, an arm from a discarded toy because you took the time to hug him and hold his hand after the adjustment. The chief of a remote Ghanaian village humbly offers his stool (throne) for bringing health to his people. The prized goat is prepared for dinner as a feast for the family member that can walk again. These acts are worth far more than what I charge for an adjustment in the States.

Chad Hawk, DC Chiropractor, Coach, Instructor, & Missionary

Chad Hawk, DC
Chiropractor, Coach,
Instructor, & Missionary

Giving back is a bit of a misnomer. When an adjustment is given to a human with nothing to offer it is an investment that pays you more than any Wall Street analyst could predict. That is why each team I lead, leaves in tears. Tears of joy, sorrow, pain, and friendship from the people they have served and the team’s changed hearts. The cost of giving is immense. In order to give, you must re- lease pride, fears, inhibitions, and self-doubt. You must be willing to become someone more genuine that you were before. You must be willing to become the person you were created to be so that others can be the person they were created to be.

Giving is creation in its most pure sense. It lends to a new understanding of giving an adjustment or giving care.
I formed Epik Missions 11 years ago to serve the lost. I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to the most remote places to bring the one gift I could give, a chiropractic adjustment. In return, I have wealth measured in lives touched and love exchanged. In 2008 CLA awarded me the Humanitarian of the Year award. I was not worthy then and I am not worthy now of such an honor. If it al- lows one more person to experience an adjustment, than I am grateful. Thank you for allowing me to share with you during this season where we yearn for peace on earth and good will towards all. May our service to humanity play a role in allowing that to happen.

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GaryThe World Tells the Story!
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Allergies and Your Immune System

If you are among the millions who suffer from a wide range of allergies, you might want to consider a great natural solution to help minimize your symptoms. Allergies are a result of an exaggerated response by your immune system to combat foreign substances such as pollen, dander, dust, molds, etc. The strength of both the immune and respiratory systems depends largely on proper communication between the brain and spinal cord to control and coordinate their functions properly. Being regularly adjusted reduces and even eliminates many allergy symptoms as it helps strengthen your immune system and improves nerve communication.

Did you know?

Most allergic responses involve the release of inflammatory-producing substances such as histamine. Sufficient production of cortisol, an anti-inflammatory hormone produced by the adrenal gland, is necessary to fight this reaction. Understandably, many allergy sufferers also have weak adrenal gland function. The adrenal gland is controlled by the T9 spinal nerve root and its connection to the brain and spinal cord, meaning once again, that adjustments can greatly affect allergic reactions while improving overall wellness!

In our office we use state-of-the-art technology to analyze the signal between your brain and spinal cord.  We call this a neural efficiency index or “CoreScore.”  We can even use components of this technology to scan infants to check for interference int he nervous system that may have already occurred.

 Chiropractic turns your nervous system on, so everything functions properly, anti-histamines turn your immune system off.

Think about your options if you or your child has allergies.  If you are taking drugs to suppress the function of your immune system, how long do you think you will have to take them?  The rest of your life I suppose, since they do not solve the problem, they are just a convenient way to turn parts of your immune system off.  Do you think there may be some unwanted side-effects from taking these medications for the rest of your life?

Alternatively, chiropractic turns your nervous system on, so everything functions properly.  Chiropractic is the way to unleash your body’s natural healing ability and restore much-needed balance to your immune system.

GaryAllergies and Your Immune System
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Jump Start the School Year

September brings a change in seasons and a whole new type of stress. As the leaves change color, the stress of starting school and new deadlines begin to take over. September is the time to check on the health and strength of your family’s nervous system. Nerve tension from exhaustion, anxiety, physical activity, and prolonged sitting can deplete an already overloaded immune system. So what can you do? Make an appointment! The spinal-nerve scanning technology that your Chiropractor uses can pinpoint where stress is building up and interfering with normal, healthy functions. Getting regular adjustments can also help boost productivity and brain function, which is a perfect way to jump-start this school year and keep you healthy when you need it most.

Certified Space TechnologyDid you know?

Your chiropractor is using the same examination technologies that astronauts have used in preparing for shuttle missions! The INSiGHT spinal nerve scans have been used in the Space Program to research and understand the effects of gravity on the spinal core. This valuable research led to the INSiGHT scanning technology being awarded the Space Certification label. Just think, you and the astronauts are more connected that you may have ever imagined!

GaryJump Start the School Year
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You are not alone if you have a headache…

From occasional, frequent, dull and throbbing, to debilitating, headaches can come in many different forms and from a wide array of causes. They can be from muscle tension, misalignments in the neck, head trauma, stress, needing eyeglasses, allergies, illness, alcohol, chemicals, and much more.

Headaches NewPort Village Chiropractic Port MoodyOver-the-counter pain medications only mask the symptoms that could be leading to further deeper problems. Addressing the underlying issue is much more important and effective for your overall health and wellbeing! Getting adjusted is a great and natural way to relieve all that built up tension and reduce the effects and frequency of headaches.

The pain you feel from a headache is actually your body sending you warning signals that something is not right!


Did you know? The pain you feel from a headache is actually your body sending you warning signals that something is not right! If you suffer from frequent headaches, it may be an indication that your body has lost its natural ability to heal itself. Getting adjusted can help you maintain a healthy and balanced nervous system while allowing your body to re-gain this natural ability to heal. Your chiropractor is skilled at detecting and correcting the underlying causes of many forms of headaches!

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People will lead a longer, healthier and happier life with a fully charged and perfectly balanced nervous system. Chiropractic adds years to your life and life to your years!

GaryYou are not alone if you have a headache…
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