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Courtney ChanThe Great Orthotics Sale!
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Conventional vs Alternative Healthcare

Conventional Allopathic vs. “Alternative” Holistic Healthcare

It irks me to no end when conventional (allopathic) healthcare providers dismiss traditional therapies. By attaching the title “alternative” to describe where they fit into the healthcare spectrum. Alternative to what? The word implies that conventional  medicine is the gold standard and traditional therapies run second, third or last. This is the attitude that says, “OK we’ll let it slide because so many people use them but we don’t really believe they work.” Traditional approaches to restoring and maintaining health predate conventional medicine by thousands of years.

Where did the traditional approach originate?

The vitalist healing doctrine “man assists, but nature heals” oozes the philosophies of Hippocrates, Aristotle and most physicians and healers up to the rise of confidence and the scientific method. It comes from the notion that life exists as the result of an heavenly force. Which animates the otherwise inanimate material world. “There is some feature,” reports S. Blackburn in the Oxford History of Philosophy, “of living bodies that prevents their nature being entirely explained in physical or chemical terms. This feature may be the presence of a further ‘thing’ (such as a soul), but it may also be simply the emergence of special relations or principles of organization arising from the complexity of the biological organism.”

What came of their philosophies?

Fortunately, Hippocrates’ original philosophy is alive and well, in a more mature form, in the practice of naturopathic, functional medicine.

This healing discipline embraces the best that science has amassed from its pokings and pressings into the microscopic world of human anatomy and physiology. But while maintaining a larger view of the human as a living system.

Hippocrates’ discomfort with the prevailing belief of his day, that supernatural possession causes disease, made him a firm part of the natural cause of disease states. He was most comfortable with the notion that within man resides an innate healing capacity. This he observed and explored to promote in his method and system of disease prevention and cure.

Hippocrates is considered the father of western medicine; his view has informed the practices of physicians for over two thousand years and still informs the philosophies of most healing systems of our day, with the exception of modern western medicine, the main driving force behind the conventional model.

Thoughts on conventional medicine:

Practiced in its current form, conventional medicine remains in its infancy. This is compared to more traditional approaches: It’s hundreds of years, rather than thousands of years, in the making. Its political power in the healthcare industry is therefore somewhat hard to understand. Yet its philosophy of practice (or lack thereof) holds sway.

We must put the conventional model in its proper place as one modality along a continuum of modalities. Thus removing it from its position as the one and only way to a cure. It should be apart of a model that is inclusive of all therapies. Then and only then will what some call “alternative” medicine once again take its rightful place in the house of healthcare modalities. Which support health and render a true cure.

By:Alison Hazelbaker, Ph.D., IBCLC, FILCA, C.S.T., RCST


Compliments of ICPA member: Dr. Gary Barone

Provided and published by ICPA, Inc. For more information visit: www.discoverkidshealth.com 

Larissa TaddeiConventional vs Alternative Healthcare
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Ear Infection Resolved by Chiropractic

Chronic Ear Infection (Otitis Media) and Failed (Ear Tube) Tympanostomy Tube Surgery

 A case study discusses the results of chiropractic care chiropractic care of a four-year old male presented for care with a history of failed ear tube surgery, as published in the Journal of Maternal and Family Health.

A 4-year old male, presented to a chiropractic office with a history of failed tube surgery. Repeat tube surgery was scheduled for the child. Adjustments in the cervical and thoracic spine were made upon finding Vertebral subluxations.

Especially relevant it is estimated that 40% of children suffer from ear infections before the age of 5. Most noteworthy, direct and indirect costs of ear infections totaled 3 billion dollars in the year it was studied.

Resolution Following Adjustment of Vertebral Subluxation

The patient’s subluxations were adjusted using the Activator hand held adjusting instrument. On the third visit, the patient’s mother opted out of her son’s scheduled surgery. The patient attended care with the recommended frequency at 2-3 times for the first two weeks, followed by once a week for eight weeks, for a duration of 12 weeks.

So, an infant with successful chiropractic care to resolve chronic otitus media infections is described. Thus, this study provides supporting evidence that infants with similar complaints may benefit from chiropractic care.

Larissa TaddeiEar Infection Resolved by Chiropractic
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Chiropractic and Breech Pregnancy

Exciting Breech Pregnancy Case Study

A study in the Journal of the Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health describes the chiropractic care of a woman during breech pregnancy.

A 37-year-old woman in her 35th week of gestation presented to a chiropractor for hip and low back pain.  Her ultrasound showed the baby in a frank breech position.  Especially relevant, the chiropractor found vertebral subluxations using Webster Technique.

The chiropractor used Webster Technique on the patient over three visits spanning five days. Subsequently, the patient gave birth vaginally with the baby in the vertex position.

Webster Technique is used on pregnant patients to improve the function of the mother’s nervous system.  The nervous system coordinates all functions of the body.  Therefore, the technique also improves the ability for the baby to develop.

“It is an important distinction” states Dr. Gary Barone, of Port Moody.  “Webster Technique is famous worldwide as a baby-turning technique.  This, however, is not the purpose of the technique.   It just so happens that when you unlock the function of the body, amazing things can happen.”

That being said, further research on the role of pregnant patients under chiropractic care may show benefit beyond symptomatic care for low back pain.


GaryChiropractic and Breech Pregnancy
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