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First Ever “Friends & Family Month”

March 2017 is the FIRST EVER “Friends & Family Month” at NewPort Village Chiropractic.

If you are an active patient you can refer any friend or family member who is new to our office for a free initial examination and report of findings.

This is only this month.  Take advantage of it while you can!

Since moving, our office has been in a growth phase.  We have never had the capacity to see so many people, and we want to help you and your friends and family first, before we start advertising elsewhere.

If you have a friend or family member who would love to get checked for free, then email us at [email protected], or use the “Book an Appointment” button.

We have already had a boat-load of people take advantage of this, and can’t wait to serve the people you care about.

Our Health is Connected to Our Family & Loved Ones

You know I was just at Port Moody City Hall today. I was telling the lady at the counter how my mother would come to watch me play hockey.  I would occasionally look up at my mom after delivering a big hit.  She looked shocked and scared.  The lady at the counter said knowingly “she felt the pain for you.”

This reminded me of something I read last year.  Did you know that in one study, moms felt their back pain improve after a chiropractor checked their small child?  It kinda makes sense doesn’t it?  We do feel our family’s pain.  Your health can cause a ripple effect that changes the health of the people close to you.

That is why so many chiropractors tout the benefits of checking the whole family.  If one of you is succumbing to the effects of stress, then that person affects everybody.

Friends and Family Month is a great opportunity for you to get back on track with regular chiropractic care and invest in great health for you and your loved ones.



GaryFirst Ever “Friends & Family Month”

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