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Thinking About Pain in a New Way

Pain tends to have a negative connotation in our minds. Believe it or not pain is actually an emotion and our thoughts towards pain can affect how we experience it.


Inflammation is a part of the body’s natural healing process. Rather than associating pain with a signal that the body is breaking down, think of it as a response that comes along with the regeneration and strengthening of the body. When overcoming an injury, it is important to have that mental picture in your mind of the injured area internally healing by itself, remembering that this process is continuous. The body never stops repairing itself.

Seeing Us to Relieve Pain?

Seeking help from professionals like those at NewPort Village Chiropractic can often be a reactive response to feelings of pain. Pain can become what motivates us to do this, but it is more beneficial to our overall health if we can get regular care and adapt a preventative mindset. When we reflect on why we are seeking help it is more likely influenced by the things pain is keeping us from doing such as going to work or playing sports rather than the physical discomfort. Our bodies are capable of much more than we think, and it is often the mind that limits us.

Health = Function

When thinking about what you want to get out of your care, the desired outcome should be aimed at improving the function of the human body rather than simply masking the pain. Chiropractic adjustments are intended to improve the function of the nervous system, which is all about fixing the problem rather than removing symptoms. Often with improved function, feelings of pain will simultaneously decrease, however this shouldn’t be the main goal.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Creating a more positive objective towards your care will enable you to reach higher levels of health. Coming in to avoid injury is beneficial in terms of prevention and is better than reacting to feelings of pain, however to get to that next step where you can truly achieve optimal health the purpose behind your care needs to reflect that. See your care as enhancing your performance, strengthening your body, and moving you towards a greater quality of life.

Written by Fiona Brown, Chiropractic Technical Assistant

Fiona joined our team in September 2017. She is a co-op student from the University of British Columbia studying Kinesiology. She hopes to inspire patients at the clinic to adopt values of health and wellness. She is a track athlete specializing in the 800m. She enjoys outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and skiing.


GaryThinking About Pain in a New Way

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